Localized Digital Marketing Made Easy

Sophisticated yet simple local marketing automation for multi-location brands and technology platforms that drives results and saves time for teams and end users.

  1. 400% Increase in ROI for Realtor.com
  2. 450% Increase in Revenue from trip bookings for Alaska Airlines
  3. 98% Reduction in Time spent on marketing by agents for EXIT Realty
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Collaborative Marketing Platform

Coordinate the execution of digital marketing programs with distributed partners, locations and resellers to achieve goals beyond what can be accomplished independently.
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Facebook and Google Programs Activated

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Distributed Marketing makes it easy for brands to enable locations and resellers with simple, automated tools that activate digital marketing programs using the brands' assets and audiences.
Offsite Ads makes it easy and safe for marketplaces to enable sellers to run cross-channel performance marketing programs for their products and services, driving demand back to the marketplace’s or seller’s website.

Use Cases



Seamlessly embed paid marketing tools.
CRM Solutions


Monetize high-intent data with offsite advertising programs.
Marketplace Solutions

Ecommerce Co-Op

Reach more customers with seller-funded performance marketing programs.
Ecommerce Solutions

Multi-Location Brands

Distributed marketing for local digital advertising.
Multi-Location Solutions

Success Story

Realtor.com Unlocks Website Intent Data to Offer High Performing Marketing Programs on Facebook and Google For Their Customers
Real Estate Listings
Local Markets Targeted
Deepak Thakral
"Evocalize offers best-in-class technology that has allowed us to quickly scale our solutions to meet our customers' robust marketing needs."
Kate Teich, Vice President, Product Management
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