Evocalize Launches Agent Recruiting Blueprint, Simplifying Digital Marketing on Google

SEATTLE, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Evocalize, a Collaborative Marketing Platform (CMP) provider, today introduced a new Blueprint within its CMP platform focused on Agent Recruiting. Real estate franchisor, EXIT Realty Corp. International, issuing the new feature to enable its hundreds of brokerages and thousands of agents across the U.S. and Canada to automatically activate digital marketing programs on the Google Display Network (GDN), and find and recruit agents for their local offices.

Evocalize's Blueprints automate the assembly and activation of digital marketing programs for local offices or franchises using best practices, target audiences, messaging, and co-op budgets provided by a national marketing team.

"Giving our agents the ability to quickly and easily build and activate agent recruiting-focused ads in Google will be critical in helping them to find the best talent in their markets, and ultimately build their business and market share," said Samantha Morris, Vice President of Digital Marketing, EXIT Realty Corp. International

Blueprints contain everything that modern organizations across industries ranging from real estate, mortgage, wealth management, and insurance need to launch automated, data-driven digital marketing programs with the click of a button. Digital marketing automation through Evocalize's Blueprints can reduce the time it takes to launch a program from hours, to minutes or seconds. In some cases, program activation can be completely automated.

EXIT Realty has been working with Evocalize since 2019, and is leveraging a unique gallery of Blueprints within its collaborative marketing platform. For example, one Blueprint allows agents to promote a home listing to an audience of potential home buyers. Another enables the promotion of a listing that just sold to an audience of people interested in selling their homes in the surrounding area.

"This new Agent Recruiting Blueprint makes it easy and affordable for our agents and brokers to customize and activate digital ads. For as little as a few hundred dollars a month, we've had offices be able to recruit several agents a month, which is exponentially better than our previous digital recruiting methods," said Morris.

Across industries, Evocalize's clients have used its platform to execute more than750,000 local marketing programs. This has helped businesses generate more than8.5 million leads since 2015.


About Evocalize
Evocalize is a Collaborative Marketing Platform (CMP) provider with offices in Seattle, WA and Austin, TX. Its CMP is used by multi-location brands, marketplaces, and CRMs to simplify digital marketing execution with partners in a safe and secure environment, at scale. Evocalize's Distributed Marketing and Offsite Ads solutions connect businesses to execute marketing programs together that are not possible on their own to achieve common digital marketing goals.