Marketing Infrastructure.

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities

Evocalize technology is designed to make high performing sophisticated digital marketing simple and accessible for all businesses, regardless of their expertise level or budget.
By unlocking organizational data, using automation, and creating a seamless integration, we aim to give users a native experience that’s efficient and generates results that are far beyond what they can achieve on their own.

Marketing Infrastructure as a Service

With over 5 billion impressions served, Evocalize’s infrastructure offers the stability, structure, and scale needed to offer world class online marketing programs to your portfolio of users.
Embedded Platform

Accelerate Time to Market

White label platform for deep native integration
Developer Tools

Build With Our APIs

Build your own UI on top of our Infrastructure

Introducing Blueprints:
A Data Defined Assembly Line For Best Practices

Blueprints contain everything your users need to launch sophisticated, data-driven online marketing programs with the click of a button. Create user value, and new revenue, with a gallery of Blueprints that are truly unique to your organization.

Simpler than boosting a post...with 100X the power!

Blueprints users reduce time spent managing online marketing campaigns each week from 9 hours to 9 minutes.
Blueprints users experience a 400% greater ROAS than managing campaigns on their own.

Platform Features

Self Service UI

Users have just enough control to customize without breaking things

Ad Preview Tool

Visualize ad creatives before launching programs

Budget Selector

Users can select the daily spend budget and stay within daily minimums

Quick Start Dashboard

Showcase featured campaigns to users

Asset Gallery

Users can upload their own images and videos, or access corporate approved assets

Audience Gallery

Users create their own audiences, or access audiences shared from corporate

Dynamic Messaging

Populate ad copy and images using attributes from data feeds

Facebook Page Additions

Users can connect their Facebook Pages

Blueprint Gallery

Users choose from a collection of single objective best practices unique to your organization

Report Center

View live program progress and access results from past programs

WATCH 2-min Video

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Integration to give you full cash flow control

Promotion Codes

Generate promotion codes based on custom logic


Automated support for refunds

Co Op Budget Management

Distribute, manage and optimize co-op budgets


Offer subscription-based "set it and forget it" digital advertising programs

Order Cancelation

Accounting reconciliation for orders canceled mid campaign

Native Integration

Create a seamless user experience

Single Sign On (SSO)

Seamlessly pass user authentication

Deep Links

Contextual linking brings users from your UI to the campaign builder

White label

Customize CSS to fit your brand's experience

Operational Excellence



Tier 2 & 3 support

User Adoption

Go-to-market and company readiness support

Ad Approval Monitoring

Monitor ad approvals and rejections across hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of congruently running campaigns

Order Status Monitoring

Order tracking status reports

Program Reporting

Automated reporting for API errors, spend and delivery, performance, adoption, and more

Facebook & Google Marketing Partner

Gain access to partner resources

Revenue Forecasting

Align stakeholders using achievable revenue goals

Product Development

Leadership & strategy to build world-class advertising products