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TRIBUS Partners With Evocalize on Digital Marketing Front
"Creating high performing digital marketing programs is one of the most valuable tools available to agents" -TRIBUS CEO
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Evocalize Launches Agent Recruiting Blueprint, Simplifying Digital Marketing on Google
"We've had offices be able to recruit several agents a month" - Samantha Morris, Vice President of Digital Marketing
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Localogy Interview: Democratizing SMB Marketing
Video Interview with Evocalize CEO Matthew Marx
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How Collaborative Marketing Simplifies Digital Marketing Execution With Partners
Learn why muli-location brands, marketplaces, and CRMs are adopting collaborative marketing planforms
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What Local Marketers Need To Know About Digital Marketing’s Cookieless Future
Learn how local marketers will turn to collaborative marketing solutions to navigate the post-cookie era
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Evocalize Included in Facebook’s Top Provider Initiative for Real Estate
New initiative connects agents, brokers, and property managers with Facebook-validated tools for real estate
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Industry Report: Real Estate Advertising on Facebook January 2021 Issue
2020 finished strong with a 27% increase in click-to-lead conversion rate and a 17% decrease in cost per lead
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Industry Report: Real Estate Advertising on Facebook December Issue
Lead conversion rates stay strong and jump 14% heading into December
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Evocalize Adds Google Display Network (GDN) to Embedded Digital Marketing Infrastructure
Launch a digital ads product using Google Display Network in weeks.