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Industry Report: Real Estate Advertising on Facebook November 2020 Issue
As we head into the holiday season, lead conversion rates continue to defy seasonality trends in a big way.
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The Value of First Party Data in a Cookieless World
In a world without cookies, what will the future of digital advertising look like?
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Industry Report: Real Estate Advertising on Facebook, October 2020
Moving into Fall, buyer and seller intent signals defy seasonality trends and remain strong.
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September Update: COVID-19's Impact On Real Estate Advertising on Facebook
Strong consumer intent continues, with click-to-lead conversion rates that continue to rise MoM in 2020.
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The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to Incrementality
Take a deep dive into Incremental testing with Scott Mencken, former VP of Marketing at Move Inc.
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National-to-Local Marketing: How can the implementation of an operating model make or break your distributed marketing strategy?
Harness the power of your collective marketing network to generate new revenue while reducing operating costs.
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August Update: COVID-19's Impact on Real Estate Advertising on Facebook
Analysis of over 420,000,000 real estate ad impressions and behaviors that have generated over 220,000 leads.
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LionDesk Launches Facebook Advertising Portal
LionDesk seeks to go 'beyond the CRM' with launch of ad portal
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July Update: COVID-19’s Impact on Real Estate Advertising on Facebook
Lead conversion rate (CVR) continues to be the focal point of the analysis showcasing another MoM gain, this time at +1