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Enable Users With Automated Search And Social Advertising Tools

Save users time and help them grow their business with an efficient, deeply integrated, self-service advertising experience

Today’s CRM users are embracing marketing automation tools that improve performance, create efficiencies and deliver integrated customer experiences. Evocalize’s Embedded Technology expands your CRMs capabilities to create value in these three areas. We do this by unlocking CRM data to create high performance audiences, automating the creation and optimization of digital ads campaigns, and send lead data back into your CRM to trigger personalized workflows.


Proven to generate results 400% greater than if users managed programs on their own

Deep Intergration

User deep linking, white labeling, and SSO features to give users a seamless experience

Built-In Best Practices

Reduce the complexity of launching high performing campaigns for users


Pass lead data back into your CRM to enhance marketing automation capabilities

Data Driven

Use data from feeds or CRM lists to automate ad and audience creation

Improve Customer Experiences

Personalize ads based on customer intent or pipeline stage
Gives 40,000 users the ability to launch sophisticated data driven marketing programs directly from their CRM



Unique campaign activations


Ad impressions generated


Leads generated
"Boomtown's Facebook Ads integration makes highly sophisticated digital advertising accessible for all agents"
Nick Markman, Director of Client Success, Evocalize

Marketing Infrastructure as a Service

With over 5 billion impressions served, Evocalize’s infrastructure provides the stability, structure, and scale needed to offer world class online marketing programs to your portfolio of users.
Embedded Platform

Accelerate Time to Market

White label Platform for deep native integration
Developer Tools

Build with Our APIs

Build your own UI on top of our Infrastructure

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