Distributed Marketing

Distribute digital marketing best practices for local market activation
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local marketer

National-with-Local Digital Marketing

Distributed Marketing makes it simple for brands to share best practices, messaging, audiences, and co-op budgets with distributed locations, enabling them to easily activate sophisticated programs on Facebook, Instagram, and Google to reach new customers.

Using Evocalize’s Collaborative Marketing Platform (CMP), brands remain in control when creating brand-safe and compliant programs that are unique to their organization.

How Distributed Marketing Works

Brands implement the Collaborative Marketing Platform and connect data, audiences, messaging, creative, ad accounts, co-op budgets and best practices.


Brands create Blueprints, single-objective best practice containers with unique business logic and automation rules, then share them with locations.


Locations add funds and local knowledge to the Blueprint, then easily activate digital programs.


Ads run on Facebook, Instagram, and Google that meet brand and legal compliance, reaching potential customers and delivering results.


Each time a Blueprint is activated, the collective network gets smarter and delivers greater results.


Reporting and insights are delivered to the brand and location.


Distributed Marketing Automation Makes Collaboration Between Brands and Locations Easy

With Distributed Marketing Automation Brands Can

With Distributed Marketing Automation Locations Can

  • Remain in control while partnering with locations at scale.

  • Reach more customers with collaborative programs funded by locations.

  • Distribute co-op budgets to increase program adoption.

  • Receive end-to-end reporting on program activation, performance, and usage.

  • Reach local customers and increase revenue.

  • Access co-op budgets, best practices, and brand-approved creative.

  • Put a local thumbprint on best-in-class digital marketing programs.

  • Activate programs with a few button clicks.




Share and activate data-defined digital marketing best practices in a safe and secure framework that ensures legal and brand compliance.

Co-Op Budget Management

Incentivize locations and partners with co-op budgets.
ad builder

Facebook Page Linker

Allow locations to connect their local Facebook pages

Digital Asset Management

Share brand-approved images, videos, messaging, and audiences.

Insight Center

Gain operational insights into media spend, revenue, errors, performance, adoption, cancellations, refunds, and more.


Automatically activate programs based on custom rules.

Success Story

EXIT Realty Distributes National-with-Local Digital Advertising Programs to Local Offices
# of Local Offices
Empowered Agents
% Increase Above Industry Average CTR
John Lim
“The ease of use along with the creative, audience data, and best practices enable our agents and brokers to quickly activate data-driven lead generation programs on Facebook & Instagram.”
John Lim, Director of Innovation and Technology


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