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Safe Collaboration At Scale

Offsite Ads makes it easy and safe for marketplaces to enable sellers to run cross-channel performance marketing programs for their products and services, driving demand back to the marketplace’s or seller’s website.

Using Evocalize’s Collaborative Marketing Platform (CMP), marketplaces give sellers access to creative and audiences in a safe, secure, and controlled framework.

Sellers easily fund and activate digital programs to advertise products and services to people who have shown interest in them on the marketplace's website.

How Offsite Ads Work

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Marketplaces give sellers access to creative and audiences in a safe, secure, and controlled framework. Sellers click a button and ads run on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

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Potential customers click on the ads and purchase the seller's products or services in the marketplace or go to the seller’s website.

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The marketplace and seller receive insights to measure and optimize programs.

Offsite Ads Makes Collaborative Marketing Between Marketplaces and Sellers Easy

With Offsite Ads Marketplaces Can

  • Partner with sellers safely and securely, at scale.

  • Reach more customers from seller-funded collaborative programs.

  • Receive end-to-end reporting on program activation, performance, and usage.

With Offsite Ads Sellers Can

  • Advertise relevant products to buyers who are likely to purchase.

  • Drive traffic with their products to the retailer’s website or their own.

  • Measure the impact of their campaigns on conversions and optimize ads.




Sellers activate single-objective programs using the marketplace’s audiences and creative in a safe and secure framework that the marketplace controls.
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Cross-Channel Activation

Expand audience reach using programs on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Co-Op Budget Management

Manage co-op budgets with sellers and offer incentives to increase adoption.

Flexible Integration

Create a seamless white-label user experience using the embedded platform, or through developer tools.

Insight Center

Gain operational insights into media spend, revenue, errors, performance, adoption, cancellations, refunds, and more.


Sellers create data-defined, filter-based automation rules.

Success Story Unlocks Website Intent Data to Offer High Performing Marketing Programs on Facebook and Google For Their Customers
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Deepak Thakral, SVP, Product -
"Evocalize’s expertise and developer tools were a key component to the creation of our Market Reach project"
Deepak Thakral, SVP, Product
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