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"Boomtown's Facebook Ads integration makes highly sophisticated digital advertising accessible for all agents". - Nick Markman

Using Evocalize’s Embedded Platform, BoomTown ROI increased the CRM’s value to 40,000 Real Estate Agents across thousands of teams by offering users sophisticated online marketing programs on Facebook and Instagram

The Challenge

Boomtown ROI offers the tools, technology, and teams needed for Real Estate success. Their marketing technology includes an IDX website builder, intelligent CRM, lead management and lead generation services. Through a partnership with Evocalize, Boomtown wanted to help over 40,000 users further grow their businesses by expanding their suite of marketing tools to include sophisticated, data-driven marketing programs across Facebook and Instagram.

To achieve this, CRM and website data had to be unlocked across their portfolio of users and the solution had to give users a total native experience. Additionally, BoomTown wanted to offer users a unique, and simple to use, advertising feature that identified attributes that buyers were searching for on their IDX websites, and matched them with listings on the MLS to create ads that were highly relevant to the buyers needs.

The Solution

To offer users powerful targeting audiences, the team of experts at Evocalize worked with BoomTown’s product team to unlock both CRM and website audience data so it could be ingested into Evocalize’s embedded platform. A library of blueprints(best practices) was created that gave users the ability to launch dynamic remarketing, lead generation and branding programs. Some blueprints in the library enabled team owners to enable Facebook’s DARE (Dynamic Ads for RealEstate) technology to build creative by matching search attributes to MLS listings with the click of a button. Also, the embedded platform style was customized to match Boomtown’s application, and Single Sign On was used to further the native experience.

"Boomtown's Facebook Ads integration makes highly sophisticated digital advertising accessible for all agents". - Nick Markman,


Native Self-Service UI

The user experience was simplified through the embedded platform’s commerce-ready self-service UI, blueprint (best practice) gallery and ad builder. Within a few clicks, a user can select a program, create an ad, and launch a program without leaving Boomtown’s environment. Users have enough control to customize ad creative but not break any of the targeting, audience, or best practices running in the background.

Deep Linking

Boomtown leveraged the embedded platform’s deep linking features to boost program adoption by placing “Promote Property” call to action prompts next to each agent’s listings. Clicking a call to action button directs the agent to a self-service ad builder with the ad creative, images, messaging, and targeting best practices already configured and populated with their images and data for the given Property, saving time.

Dynamic Ads For Real Estate (DARE)

Several programs (Blueprints) within the embedded platform were built on top of Facebook’s DARE program. This advanced targeting program uses AI to identify attributes (Price, # of bedrooms, # of baths, etc..) a home buyer used when searching and browsing an agent’s IDX website to find the perfect listings to use in a carousel ad. This ensured that agents’ programs served the right listing to the right buyer at the right time.

The Results

  • Boomtown successfully gave users access to a gallery of blueprints that saved time, routed new leads directly into the nurture process built in to the tool they already used, and ultimately produced click-through rates 8X higher than the Real Estate industry average.
  • Within the first two weeks of program launch, over 1,200 agents accessed the platform.
  • Within the first six months of program launch, agents have used blueprints to generate over 30,000 leads.