Unlock High-Intent Audiences


Connect Sellers With Your Audience, Offsite

Grow revenue by giving sellers simple tools to advertise to your audience of buyers on Facebook, Instagram, and Google using their brand.

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Reach More Customers

Expand your reach with seller-funded performance marketing programs on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Become Indispensable

Become the go-to industry resource for high-performing digital marketing programs.

Monetize 1st Party Data

Capitalize on the demand for 1st party data that the post-cookie era will create.

Partner at Scale

Safely partner with sellers to activate hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands congruently running programs.

Simplify Adoption

Distribute programs through your direct sales team or with simple embedded workflows.

Improve Lead Quality

Send downstream funnel metrics to channel partners for lead quality optimization.

Solution – Offsite Ads

Offsite Ads make it simple for marketplaces to offer sellers cross-channel collaborative ads so they can run performance marketing programs for their products, driving demand back to the marketplace or the seller's website.

Success Story Unlocks Website Intent Data to Offer High Performing Marketing Programs on Facebook and Google For Their Customers
Local Markets Targeted In The USA
Real Estate Agents Served
Listings Promoted
"Evocalize’s expertise and developer tools were a key component to the creation of our Market Reach project."
Deepak Thakral, SVP, Product


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